Notes and explanations for examining stamps
1. An examination of your sent stamps can only be carried out if an appropriate order with explicit acknowledgment of the examination regulations of the Bund der Philatelistischen Prüfer (BPP) has come in. You will find these examination regulations at the end of each MICHEL catalogue. It is sufficient, if this declaration of consent is made informally with the first submission of your stamps.

2. Stamps ask after MICHEL No. send in sorted, please.

3. Please refrain from using Sellotape or the like, since thereby stamps can be affected quickly.

4. Please, do not submit each small valued stamp in HAWID stamp mounts separately because of the enormous additional amount of work.

5 Please, send used stamps paper and gum free, i.e. in washed condition; At stamps with hinges the overhanging “snippet” of the hinge should be removed at least. If necessary stamps of higher value, stronger hinged have to be washed by me before the examination, which causes an additional expenditure of time and thus higher costs.

6. Please, send stamps to examine on black stock cards only, because white stock cards and the contained optical brightener make a colour proof as well as a proof of discolouring under ultraviolet light impossible. Stamps have to be relocated or can only be examined separately, what means a substantial higher expenditure of time and thus likewise additional costs.

7. A preferential treatment is only possible, if it concerns auction lots (in original packaging) or purchases of dealers (with comprehensible, specified invoice). In both cases these must be send in separately from other stamps to examine.

8. Mass submissions from which only the better colour shades should be found out and signed cannot be dealt with. In principle each stamp will be signed.

9. For reasons in proof of delivery the return shipment will be carried out at least as registered mail, incurred costs will be at the expense of the recipient.

10. Please, pay invoice amounts by money transfer in total into my Postbank-account. See IBAN and BIC banking details at the bottom of the invoice. Please consider that there is a bank charge in the amount of 15.00 euros for paying by foreign cheques. These should be included in the total.

11. Please, refrain from sending further stamps before receiving the first shipment back.